pistachio granola 8

berries, apple, dried fruit, pepitas, greek yogurt

Donut Holes 5

stout ganache

french toast 11

braised plums, whipped mascarpone, maple syrup

oysters on the half shell* MKT

seasonal varieties

baby kale 6/8

roasted beets, boursin cheese, pistachio granola, prosecco viniagrette

b&l Salad 6/8

field greens, cucumber, cherry tomato, fennel, pepitas, dried cranberries, molasses viniagrette

butter lettuce 6/8

gorgonzola, pepper bacon, apple, pine nuts, green goddess dressing, sambal viniagrette

add grilled chicken 5, salmon 12, sirloin 11, shrimp 9, scallop 9

roasted pumpkin 3.5/5

pepitas, cranberries

day soup 3.5/5

—  MAINS  —

pork belly hash 14

over easy egg, crispy brussels sprouts, chili aioli, maple syrup, home fries

classic breakfast* 12.5

scrambled eggs, rosemary toast, pepper bacon, home fries

add grilled sirloin 11

avocado toast 14

cream cheese, pickled onion, smoked salmon, asparagus, sunny side egg, wheat toast, home fries

loco moco* 12.5

house ground beef, jasmine rice, fried egg, gravy

biscuits and gravy 11.5

your choice of sausage or smoked mushroom gravy

market benedict* 13

poached eggs, english muffin, collard greens, pepper bacon, red-eye hollandaise, home fries

shrimp and grits 16

cheddar grits, collard greens, spanish chorizo, okra, roasted tomato sauce

potato pancakes* 12

sunny side eggs, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, apple butter

breakfast sandwich 12.5

housemade sausage patty, over easy egg, pimento cheese, arugula, focaccia bun, home fries

cheeseburger and fries* 13

american cheese, fennel pollen aioli, sesame seed bun

fried egg 1, pepper bacon 2.5

turkey club 13

roasted turkey, country ham, pepper bacon, herbed mayo, roasted tomato pesto, lettuce and tomato, rosemary toast, fries

blt 12

pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo

add pimento cheese 1

jerk chicken chilaquiles 13

smoked chicken, sunny side egg, queso fresco

smoked gouda mac 13

pepper bacon, cavatappi pasta, garlic herb breadcrumbs

add grilled chicken 5, salmon 12, sirloin 11, shrimp 9, scallop 9

—  SIDES  —


collard greens

buttermilk biscuit with honey butter

home fries

pepper bacon

potato pancakes



tiramisu 6

cocoa, coffee creme anglaise

chocolate stout brownie 7

vanilla ice cream, toasted walnuts, stout chocolate sauce, caramel

plum cobbler 6

honey goat cheese ice cream, caramel

house made ice cream

one scoop 3, two scoops 5

house made sorbet

one scoop 3, two scoops 5



brandy, milk, house made vanilla cream


vodka, house made limoncello, lemon, orange, POM juice


orange vodka, orange, house made vanilla cream, prosecco


Fernet Branca, cold brew, cream, pumpkin spice syrup, nutmeg


black rum, ginger, bitters

*The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness*

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